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Unit 1
1. It was quite terrible. It took me some time to c______ myself down.
2. Parents are always c_______ much about their children.
3. True friends always s______ their sadness and happiness with each other.
4. I'm terribly sorry. I didn't do it on p__________.
5. Some animals hibernate under snow, because there is much air in l______ snow.
6. A_______ to the law, t_______ are not allowed to smoke or drink.
7. The old man went t_______ many wars and s_____ a lot from them.
8. After the terrible hurricane, the whole house was destroyed e________.
9. If you have some trouble, you can go to the teacher for a_________.
10. By internet, we can c_________ with people all over the world c_________.
11. By now, he has formed the h______ of doing some reading before going to bed.
12. The r_____ he gave for his c_____ in the exam was simple.

Unit 2
1.Many students attended the lecture, i_________ our monitor.
2. Though he is a n________ English speaker, he can speak English very fluently.
3. Nowadays, many tall buildings have e_______ for people to go up and down.
4. He thought I had known the fact. But a_______, I knew nothing about it.
5. After the war, a new g________ was set up for that country.
6. Though I haven’t met him for many years, I could r__________ him immediately when I   

 saw him in the crowd.
7. The people p______ at the meeting were all for the suggestion.
8. If you spend more time reading your English, you can improve it r_______.
9. Luckily, after the earthquake, the people have got a lot of i_________ help.
10. The ball went in the d________ of the man sitting in a boat on the river.


Unit 3
1.Though with great difficulty, I finished all my work f___________.
2.He is a s_________ person. No one can p__________ him.
3.The mother i_________ that he finish his homework first, which made his son very angry.
4.It's a hard job. Hope you can do it with great care and do it p___________.
5.I am d__________ to change my job. No one else can c________ my mind.
6. At last, the enemies had no choice but to g________ in.
7. There usually is a v_________ between two mountains.
8. Whether you will succeed or not in doing the work depends on your a________ to it.
9. The famous singer has made a lot of money by producing and selling his r__________.
10. The t________ of the discussion today is about how to spend our coming holiday.
11. This song sounds f________ to me. I must have heard it sung somewhere before.
12. Don't be shy. If you have some questions, you must be b________ enough to speak it out in public.

Unit 4
1. When an earthquake happens, the ground will s_________ greatly.
2. The fish must go bad, for it is s________.
3. When she heard the news that her husband was killed in the accident, she b_____ into tears.
4. The two countries were separated by a c_________.
5. Water can be turned into s________ when heated.
6. The desk is covered with a lot of d________. Would you please clean it?
7. After the earthquake, the whole city was in r_________.
8. An accident happened. Luckily, nobody was i_________.
9. There was no s________ in the air crash.
10. The worked made great efforts to r________ the people who were trapped underground.
11. Because of the global warming, there are more and more natural d________.
12. The students in our school have o_________ many clubs for themselves.
13. The air in the countryside is much f_________ than that in the city.
14. J_______ from his accent, we know he comes from the west.
15. It’s my great h_________ to be invited to give a s__________ to you.
16. These days, we are busy p_________ for the final examination.

Unit 5
1. We should pay more attention to the q_________ as well as the quantity.
2. He is always w___________ to help anyone who is in t__________.
3. Whatever difficulty you meet, I hope you will never lose h_________.
4.Everything needs to be done according to a certain _______________(
5. People in Iraq are dreaming of living a p__________ life, that is they hope to live in p____________.
6. The thief was caught and was s__________ in p_________ for 3 years.
7. During the p_______ when I was in my university, I studied l________ myself and became a l_________ after graduation.
8. The final examination is coming. Our teacher a________ to go over our lessons carefully.
9. If it c________ to rain for some days, the crops would be destroyed.
10. If he gets that _________(
职位),I think he can do it well.
11. He received a sum of money, but he didn’t want to a_________ it.
12. They don't want to solve the problem with v____________. Instead, they hope to solve it in a peaceful way.
13. In some countries, especially in some poor countries, women are not really e_____ to men.
14. If you feel cold while sleeping, you can add a b________ on your quilt.
15. As a well-e________ person, it's hard for us to imagine that she treat the boy with such ________(

Unit 1
1. There are a lot of c________ relics in our country.
2. Though he recovered from his illness, he r__________ weak.
3. The house b_________ to the old man was built hundreds of years ago.
4. Heavily as it rained, they were still out in s________ of the missing boy.

5. Our school was d_________ by a famous professor from Tongji University of Shanghai, whose s_________ many people prefer.
6. I sent him a watch as his birthday g________, and he gave me an mp3 in r_________.
7. Look yourself in the m________ and find what there is in your face.
8. They are twins. No w________ I can not tell them apart.
9. He has been working hard these days. There's no d__________ that he will get good marks in the exam.
10. Before they move into the new house, they bought some new f___________ to equip with.
11. During the war, much of the p_____ of that family was transferred(
转移) s____________.
12. He was c_________ to be honest. In fact, the e_________ he gave p______ to be false.
13. In my o________, we can’t take the toy car a________.
14. Don't p_______ to have known all. Please raise your questions if any.
15. In the old times, many political leader were not thought h________ of.
16. Time is like t_________, so we must value it.
17. It's raining, so I can't go to downtown. B_________, it’s cold outside.
18. Look! There's a stone in the middle of the road. We'd better r__________ it at once or it will be dangerous.

Unit 2
1. He is h_______, and he never tells lies.
2. In a________ times, women were not allowed to c________ in the Olympics.
3. Before writing the report, he decided to i________ some people first.
4. When asked, he a_______ stealing the necklace.
5. There is a s_______ being built in our city.
6. The g________ being built in our school will be finished next month.
7. He is such a person that nobody can r_______ him.
8. At the beginning of each term, we will have a p________ examination.
9. I cannot r______ what he did to what he said.
10. To improve the sale of their product, they a________ them in the newspapers and on TV.
11. No one can be so f_______ to do such a thing, except that he is a fool.
12. Father p_______ to buy me a computer if I do well in the final examination.
13. At the sports meeting, all the a_______ tried their best to get the g______ m______.

Unit 3
1. We have a lot in c________, so we often have a lot to talk about.
2. Many of the students take their c_________ into the classroom to help them do some maths work, which is not preferred by the teachers.
3. Once he was considered to be s__________, for he couldn’t work out the simplest numbers.
4. Robots can also be call a________ i____________.
5. Everything has it's a_________ and d___________.
6. A good c_______ when facing difficulties is to stay calm.
7. P________, I d________ with you on your plan.
8. I need some m________ to make a dress.
9. Once he was the c_______ of our football team.
10. It's dangerous for a young lady w________ in the street late at night.
11. Would you please find a m_______ to sweep the floor? It’s too dirty.
12. Use your b_______, and you will have a way.

Unit 4
1. Almost all the animals have their special ways to p____ themselves from their e______.
2. As is to all, a cow has four s________.
3. If you want to set up a company, first you must a_______ to the g______ for p__________.
4. What he said s________ that he wasn’t satisfied with what we had done.
5. The hotel bill c_________ every fee, i__________ the broken glass.
6. M___________ are the kind of i______ which can be easily found in summer.
7. He was a_______ by the story of the hero.
8. While reading, please pay much a__________ to your pronunciation.
9. Like bees, b________ also like beautiful fresh flowers.
10. In a way, knowledge is a kind of p_________ arm.
11. The medicine has a great e_______ on that disease.
12. Many rare animals are in d________, because they are being hunting for.
Unit 5
1. Have you ever d________ of being in front of thousands of people at a concert, with everyone c_________ and enjoying your singing?
2. If we are h________ with ourselves, most of us have dreamed of being famous.
3. After some years, he has f_______ the habit of having a walk after supper.
4. They may play to p_______ in the street or subways so that they can e________ some e______ money.
5. The musicians of whom the band was formed played j______ on each other as well as played music.
6. The rope was tired to the tree l_________.
7. They put an a__________ in a newspaper looking for musicians.
8. Their a________ performances were copies by other groups and their f_____ supported them fiercely.
9. They started to play their own i_________ and write their own songs like a real band.
10.The band b______ up in about 1970, but reunited in the mid-1980s.
11.He had to go to London, wear an expensive suit and give a p___________ to a TV camera.
12.Nearly everyone knows the famous s__________ “He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man”.
13. Once you have made up your mind, you must s________ to it.
14. Beethoven once said he had never thought of writing for _________(
15. While learning, we should not only master some knowledge, but also improve our __________(
16. It's still u________ whether he will come or not.


Unit 1
1. Many children s________ to death in Africa because of the lack of food.
2. In summer, there is usually p_______ of rain in our area.
3. They thought if they held some festivals, their a_________ would be s__________ with what they had done.
4. On his a_______, he was greatly welcomed by his fans.
5. The colour of our n________ flag is red with five yellows stars on it.
6. Under the lead of our party, we finally got i_________ from the other countries.
7. At the beginning of the year, farmers usually have a lot of a__________ work to do.
8. The c________ of some E___________ countries are quite different from ours
9. The w________ is a kind of fruit, which is quite famous in our city.
10. He is such a h_______ boy that many girls a_______ him.
11. I hope you will always be e_________ when having classes.
12. Without the teacher's p__________, you cannot play with the computer in our class.
13. He managed to save the d________ girl, which was praised by many people.
14. It is o_______ that he has known the story.
15. He cheated her, which she would never f_______

Unit 2
1. She is so fat that she has made up her mind to go on a d_________ to lose weight.
2. Rice, noodles and bread all belong to e_______-giving foods.
3. When having dinner, I like to eat c__________ instead of m__________.
4. Wu must keep the b_______ of nature.
5. C_________ drove him to follow his friend into that restaurant.
6. Scientist are doing some r________ to find the cause of the disease.
7. There are usually a lot of c_________ in the KFC.
8. Both of the two restaurants have their s________ and w__________, so they decided to c___________ them together into a larger one.
9. They stood there, g________ at each other without a word.
10. Time is l________. We need to be hurry.
11. Knowledge can be of a great b_______ to everybody.
12. Looking at his son, he s________ and went out of the room.
13. Some food is high in fibre which is good for d___________.

Unit 3
1. Smoking is not p__________ in our school.
2. He had his wallet stolen, so he had to earn his p__________ during the journey.
3. The reason he gave to a________ for his absence was unbelievable.
4. As is known to all, we should never judge a person only by his a______________.
5. To be h_________, I have no money on me.
6. To do this work well needs some p_________.
7. He was so hungry that he order a thick s________ and a glass of beer for lunch.
8. It's good m________ to say good-bye to the host when leaving.
9. Seeing the snake, she couldn’t help s____________.
10. In some parts of the Great Wall, it is wide enough for two persons to walk s_________ to s___________.
11. His family is quite rich, so they hire a s_________ to do the housework.
12. Don't be r_______ to your friends. You should be friendly to each other.
13. He was popular because of his sense of h_________.
14. To my great joy, I found my lost pen by a________ in the corner of the room.
15. We don't like him because he is always j________ of other's success.

Unit 4
1. He doesn't like to be v_________, instead, he prefers to solve the problem in peace.
2. Without o_________, we can't live.
3. On cold winter days, there will be ice on the s________of the water.
4. As is known to all, smoking is h_________ to our health.
5. With the d___________ of science, many new things are invented.
6. G___________ speaking, he is a smart boy except his carelessness.
7. The news s________ quickly all over the country.
8. Bad habits should always be p_______ in our daily life.
9. Whether you can succeed in the competition d________ on whether you have fully prepared for it.
10. His p________ at the meeting made everybody excited.
11. Not meeting his favorite singer, he felt quite d____________.
12. Another of his book will be p_______ next month.
13. The reason why we have to fall to the ground is that there is g_________.
14. G___________, he realized that he had done wrong to her.
15. The river is so polluted that every day we can see a lot of things f________ on the water.

Unit 5
1. It is said the M__________of Japan will come to visit our country next month.
2. There are four oceans in the world, of which the P_________ is the largest.
3. As is known to all, there are seven c___________ in the world.
4. If you go e__________, you’ll find the sea.
5. Our school is s____________ by many trees.
6. There is a h_________ near our city, where you can find many big ships in and out.
7. It is e____________ hot these days.
8. After they married, they s__________ down in a small village, leading a quiet life.
9. We admire her for she has a g________ for singing and dancing.
10. An order came that we should finish the work w__________ three days.
11. There is a s___________ difference between the two words.
12. Could you help me f_______ out the cost of this trip?
13. It is said that some o__________ will come to our school to have a visit.
14. The t_________ sound made me t__________.
15. I have such a good eye-sight that I can see the small things in the d___________.
16. Yesterday, it was so cold that there was some f_____________ on the ground.
17. I planned to go d____________ this Sunday.
18. Finally, they managed to arrived to their destination(
目的地)at d_________.

Unit 1
1. With her great efforts, she has a__________ everything she wanted to do.
2. Our school is trying its best to improve our studying and working c____________.
3. Her research shows the c____________ between human beings and chimps.
4. “Have you taken part in either of my last two c___________?” The officer asked the soldier.
5. If you want to help the poor, you can join the o________________, which usually has some such activities.
6. He is an agricultural s___________, who d__________ all his life to the research into agriculture.
7. The little boy’s bad b____________ at the party made his parents upset.
8. It is w___________ to spend the whole day in the forest, o_________ how the chimps live.
9. He is such a great man that all of us show our r___________ to him.
10. The couple living next door always a______ with each other about some family problems.
11. I_________by the teacher’s words, he is d____________ to study harder than before.
12. He has to work hard to earn more money, because he has a large family to s_________.
13. Last night when I got home, the clock was s_____________ ten.
14. In our school, every teach is asked to write one or two a___________ about teaching every year.
15. You’d better e__________ to the teacher the reason for your being late, otherwise, the teacher will be angry with you.
16. The teachers in our school will have a m__________ examination once every year.
17. Everything taken into c_______________, he has done a good job this time.
18. The famous doctor has d___________ hundreds of babies during her life.
19. It is c______________ of you not to make any noise while the others are having a rest.

Unit 2
1. In the old days, many children suffered from h___________ because of no food.
2. If you keep staying in the sun for a long time, you’ll get s_____________.
3. Though he is young, he is s____________ to support a large family.
4. As is known to all, when heated, things will e______________.
5. He wants to c___________ his knowledge all over the world.
6. Each classroom in our school is e________ with a computer, which is helpful to our study.
6. Every year, we will e_________ much oil from the other countries.
7. In my opinion, he is quite s__________ for this job.
8. You’d better finish your homework without r____________ to your notes.
9. The twins are so alike that I always c__________ them with each other.
10. The method of r____________ the teaching cost has been discussed at the meeting.
11. The flooded area was s___________ with enough food and clothing by the government.
12. After your reading, can you give the s____________ of this passage?
13. Before going abroad, you must e_________ your money for some dollars.
14. It is quite c____________ that he will be successful in the final match.
Unit 3
1.It’s wrong for the visitors to be c________ to the animals in the zoo.
2.It seems that he is quite c_________ with what he has got.
3.We were all a___________ at the a_________ news he told us just now.
4.It’s hard for her to decide what to buy because she is quite p_____ about the things she buys.
5.Whoever comes, my mother will e_________ him the best food of our family.
6. In no time, the exciting news spread t_________ the whole country.
7. Because of the terrible earthquake, many children became h_____________.
8. It’s hard to imagine that such a millionaire wears a w___________ coat.
9. Many of us know the famous saying “F________ is the mother of success.”
10. With the boy leading the way, we had no d____________ in finding his house.
11. He was determined to o__________ the difficulties he met in his study.
12. I was f__________ to catch the train at the last minute.
13. He was caught in a s___________ when he was travelling in the mountains.
14. She s_________ in the film d__________ by Zhang Yimou.
15.His hometown is in a m___________ area, which is surrounded by a lot of mountains.
16.He w________ to me the news that he had won a thousand yuan from the lottery he bought.

Unit 4
1. I m_________ in English when learning in university.
2. When visiting a place, usually the visitors will buy some l___________ things.
3. Children are always c__________to know the things they have never seen.
4. When i_____________ to the strangers, I felt a bit shy.
5. When a________the house, they found something unusual, so they stopped to have a look.
6. His words made all the students t__________.
7. The foreigners e_______________ their satisfaction with what they saw in China.
8. He is l__________ to come, but I’m not sure.
9. In g____________, men are usual taller than women.
10. Be careful to a_________ making the same mistake.
11. Speak clearly, or you’ll make your m_______________.
12. This question is s_____________ to that, so we can solve it easily.
13. F___________ expressions can have a lot of meanings.
14. Some deaf people make themselves understood by g______________.
15. He was p_____________by his parents for telling lies.

Unit 5
1. There is a v_________ of goods in the supermarket.
2. The man who repaired bikes c_________ me five yuan for repairing my bike.
3. There’s no a____________ for children under there.
4. They made a great p__________ by developing the new product.
5. Usually, we will buy a lot of s___________ when visiting a place of interest.
6. BMW is a famous car b___________.
7. The e____________ for teaching in our school is very a_____________.
8. Once a week, we’ll do an e_____________ in the lab.
9. In some culture theme parks, you can have pictures taken in the clothing of m_____ people.
10. There are usually some a___________ competitions in a sports theme park.
11. He likes to a_________ his friends with some jokes.
12. You are likely to get lost while travelling in the j___________.
13. He is skilled in the t___________ of describing nature.
14. This kind of shirt is made of a special kind of c____________.
15. My wish is to be a t____________ in the future, so I must learn English hard now.












unit 1
1. calm  2. concerned  3. share  4. purpose  5. loose   6. according, teenagers
7. through, suffered   8. entirely   9. advice    10. communicate    11. habit
12. reason, cheat
unit 2
1. including   2. native   3. elevators   4. actually   5. government
6. recognize   7. present   8. rapidly   9. international   10. direction
unit 3
1. finally   2. stubborn, persuade   3. insisted   4. properly   5. determined, change

6. give   7. valley   8. attitude   9. records   10. topic   11. familiar   12. brave
unit 4
1. shake   2. smelly   3. burst   4. canal   5. steam   6. dirt   7. ruins    8. injured

9. survivor  10. rescue  11. disasters   12. organized    13. fresher    14. Judging

15. honour, speech    16. preparing
unit 5
1. quality    2. willing, trouble    3. heart    4. principle    5. peaceful, peace
6. sentenced, prison    7. period, law, lawyer    8. advises    9. continued
10. position   11. accept    12. violence    13. equal  14. blanket  15. educated, cruelty

unit 1
1. cultural   2. remains   3. belonging   4. search   5. designed, style  6. gift, return

7. mirror   8. wonder   9. doubt   10. furniture  11. property, secretly   

12. considered, evidence, proved   13. opinion, apart   14. pretend    15. highly

16. treasure   17. Besides, remove
unit 2
1. honest   2. ancient,. compete   3. interview   4. admitted   5. stadium  6.gymnasium 7. replace 8. physical 9. relate 10. advertise 11. foolish 12. promised 13. athletes, gold, medals
unit 3
1. common   2. calculators   3. simple-minded   4. artificial, intelligence 

5. advantages, disadvantages   6. choice   7. Personally, disgree   8. materials
9. coach   10. wandering   11. mop    12. brain
unit 4
1. protect, enemies   2. stomachs   3. apply, government, for permission   4. suggested
5. contains, including   6. Mosquitors, insect   7. affected   8. attention   9. butterflies
10. powerful   11. effect   12. danger
unit 5
1. dreamed   2. clapping,. honest   3. formed   4. passers-by, earn, extra   5. jokes

6. loosely   7. advertisement   8. attractive, fans   9. instruments   10. broke

11. performance   12. saying   13. stick   14. reputation   15. ability   16. unknown

unit 1
1. starved   2. plenty   3. ancestors, satisfied   4. arrival   5. national   6. independence 7. agricultural   8. customs, European   9. watermelon   10. handsome   11. admire   12. energetic, permission   13. drowning    14. obvious    15. forgive
unit 2
1. diet   2. energy   3. cucumbers, mushrooms   4. balance   5. Curiously   6. research 7. customers   8. strengths, weaknesses, combine   9. glaring    10. limited   11. benefit 12. sighed   13. digestion
unit 3
1. permitted   2. passage   3. account   4. appearance   5. honest   6. patience 7. steak 8. manners   9. screaming   10. shoulder, shoulder   11. servant 12, rude   13. humour 14. accident   15. jealous
unit 4
1. violent   2. oxygen   3. surface   4. harmful   5. development   6. Generally  

7. spread   8. prevented   9. depends   10. presence   11. disappointed   12. published
13. gravity   14. Gradually   15. floating
unit 5
1. Minister   2. Pacific   3. continents   4. eastward   5. surrounded   6. harbour
7. extremely   8. settled   9. gift   10. within   11. slight   12. figure   13. officials

14. terrifying, terrified    15, distance   16. frost  17. downtown    18. dawn

Unit 1
1. achieved    2. conditions   3. connections   4.campaigns   5. organization
6. specialist devotes    7. behaviours    8. worthwhile observing   9. respect   10. argue 11. Inspired
determined   12. support   13. striking    14. articles   15. explain     

16. medical   17. consideration   18. delivered    19. considerate
Unit 2
1. hunger   2. sunburnt   3. struggling   4. expand  5. circulate  6. equipped 7. exported 8. suitable   9. referring   10. confuse   11. reducing   12. supplied   13. summary   14. exchange   15. certain
Unit 3
1. cruel   2. content   3. astonished astonishing  4. particular  5. entertain  6. throughout 7. homeless   8. worn-out   9. Failure   10. difficulty   11. overcome   12. fortunate

13. snowstorm   14. started directed   15. mountainous   16. whispered
Unit 4
1. majored   2. local   3. curious   4. introduced   5. approaching   6. touched   

7. expressed   8. likely   9. general   10. avoid   11. misunderstood   12. similar

13. Facial   14. gestures   15. punished
Unit 5
1. variety   2. charged   3. admission   4. profit   5. souvenirs   6. brand   

7. equipment advanced   8. experiment   9. minority   10. athlete   11. amuse   

12. jungle   13. techniques   14. cloth   15. translator


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