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   1. What is the woman’s present?
     A. A basketball.    B. An MP3 player.     C. A bike.
   2. Why was the woman late for work?
     A. She got up late. B. The bus came late.
     C. She rode to work.
   3. What does the man mean?
     A. The woman has been fired.
     B. They are no longer friends.
     C. He wants to leave the woman.
   4. Where does the conversation probably take place?
     A. In a meeting room. B. In a hotel.
     C. In a lecture hall.
   5. What is the man going to do abroad?
     A. Study in a university. B. Make some new friends.
     C. Teach university courses.
   6. What is the man’s job now?
     A. Preparing food.    B. Making toys.
     C. Opening a factory.
   7. When did they meet last?
     A. In 1995.      B. In 1997.      C. In 2003.
   8. What’s wrong with the woman’s radio?
     A. It uses too much power.
     B. It receives few programs.
     C. The sound is not clear.
   9. When did the woman buy the radio?
     A. In 1993.     B. In 1995.     C. In 1998.
   10. What does the man advise the woman to do?
     A. Have it fixed.    B. Throw it away.
     C. Find an expert.
   11. What does the girl want to do now?
     A. Go to the movies.    B. Get her report card.
     C. Practice her instrument.
   12. How many subjects does the man mention?
     A. 2.     B. 3.     C. 4.
   13. Why did the girl fail her Spanish class?
     A. Her Spanish teacher was boring.
     B. She failed to hand in some assignments.
     C. She practiced the instrument too often.
   14. What does the woman think of the kitchen?
     A. It’s sort of dark.     B. It’s satisfactory.
     C. It’s a little small.
   15. How many closets are there in the bathroom?
     A. Two large ones.   B. A large one.
     C. A small one.
   16. Which room looks sort of dark?
     A. The bedroom.      B. The bathroom.
     C. The living room.
   17. What hasn’t the woman decided?
     A. How to paint the room.
     B. Whether to take the apartment.
     C. When to tell the man her decision.
   18. When is the speaker’s birthday?
     A. June 13.      B. June 15.          C. June 17.
   19. What would the speaker go to the park to do?
     A. Read books.   B. See his friend.    C. Do exercises.
   20. What is the best time of Jim’s life?
     A. His childhood.    B. All his life.      C. His old age.

21. As we can see, the prices of vegetables _____ according to the season.
     A. vary     B. fall      C. rise      D. swing

22. The bridge over the canal is 1, 000 meters ____ length.
     A. with     B. in        C. at        D. on

23. As _____ tourist attraction, the Great Wall does have _____ strong attraction to visitors from home and abroad.
A. the; 不填      B. the; a      C. a; 不填    D. a; the

24. The girl refused your offer last time. _________ you don’t want to talk to her.

A. No wonder       B. No doubt
     C. Above all      D. After all

25. —Have you heard of this new computer brand, Mike?
     —Yes, of course and I’ve decided to buy ________.
     A. it       B. one      C. this       D. that

26. Chinese fine arts have won the _________ of many people abroad.

A. enjoyment      B. appreciation
     C. entertainment    D. amusement

27. Have you ever been to Mount Huangshan, ______is famous for its towering pine forests and "sea of clouds"?
A. which      B. where     C. that      D. what

28. According to the carpenter, the work ______ to be completed three days from now.

A. was expected     B. expected
     C. is expected       D. is expecting

29. _______ you’ve paid in advance we won’t charge you for delivery.

A. As long as       B. As soon as
     C. As possible as    D. As far as

30. —Why do you look so happy?
     —My aunt has bought a new car and she will invite me to go for a ______ this weekend.

A. surf       B. ride       C. run       D. hike

31. He has a gift for description and makes ghost stories ______.

A. come to life      B. come true
     C. come off         D. come up

32. Sugar is not an important ingredient in bread, but flour is ________

A. unique      B. necessary     C. natural     D. major

33. _________ two exams coming up, I have to study really hard this weekend.
     A. With      B. Besides     C. As for     D. As to

34. You can eat free in my restaurant _________ you like.
     A. whenever     B. wherever     C. whichever    D. however3

5. —How can I get to the island you mentioned?
   —There is no other way to get there __________ by swimming.

A. other than      B. more than
     C. rather than     D. less than

As a child, I was afraid of everything. At the age of 8, I even became 36 of getting Halloween candy. 37 , on October 31, my twin brother and I went out and 38 to every house in the neighborhood. Most of the houses only had a few steps to the door. It was easy. However, when we 39 one of the bigger houses with 10 tall steps 40 to the front door, which were known to have the best candy, my fear 41 me. My brother was already up the stairs, while I stood 42 at the bottom.
     It was 43 that I’d be able to climb all that way. I was afraid that I might fall over in the dark and 44 my bag of candy. I might 45 my clothes on something, and not be able to get away. I wanted the candy, but there was no 46 I would go up those stairs to get it. I failed. I lost more than just candy. I lost my 47 .
     Fear of the unknown 48 me for a long time. After six years in nursing, I was 49 with the career I had chosen. I faced a 50 : step out into the unknown or 51 the rest of my life at the bottom of those steps, never 52 the best candy.
     Finally, with only $100 in my savings account, I started my own business. Whenever I would lose a client, the old fears 53 . However, I’d tasted the candy, and now I don’t 54 when I face difficulties. I believe that, though 55 things can happen when we step out, worse things happen when we don’t.

36. A. afraid     B. envious       C. fond     D. tired

37. A. Naturally      B. Approximately
          C. Certainly     D. Normally

38. A. pointed     B. rushed     C. moved     D. traveled

39. A. surrounded   B. measured      C. approached     D. entered

40. A. pointing     B. belonging
          C. opening     D. Leading

41. A. encouraged   B. spread    C. prevented    D. attracted

42. A. slightly     B. frozen     C. calmly      D. Happily

43. A. unlikely     B. unlucky    C. possible    D. pitiful

44. A. fall         B. drop       C. forget      D. lose

45. A. bury         B. break      C. tear         D. catch

46. A. way          B. need        C. doubt       D. Wonder

47. A. bag          B. life        C. way          D. confidence

48. A. amused       B. controlled      C. involved     D. Ruined

49. A. excited      B. concerned      C. impressive    D. Unsatisfied

50. A. difficulty    B. cause          C. fear          D. choice

51. A. preserve      B. spend         C. change        D. escape

52. A. presenting     B. buying     C. making       D. tasting

53. A. disappeared        B. warned      C. returned       D. reminded

54. A. panic       B. cry          C. fail      D. Complain

55. A. various     B. fortunate    C. bad      D. unique


Welcome to Germany’s largest theme park! In an area covering 68 hectares, visitors to Europa Park can experience the architecture, plants and culture of 12 European countries.
     Set in various themed areas, the popular leisure(休闲)park provides over 100 attractions and wonderful shows. Visitors can take a leisure walk through Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia in one afternoon!
     Visitors can experience the rush of our high speed roller coasters, watch various acrobatic (杂技的) shows in our international programs, get lost in the underwater world from their seat in the 4D cinema, or experience many of our spectacular attractions. You are sure to make a lasting impression on your children and family.
     "Atlantis Adventure"—an interactive theme ride for the whole family. Deep below the Greek Village, "Atlantis Adventure" is waiting for all brave hunters.
     Legend or history? Following the myth of Atlantis, visitors can get to the bottom of one of the world’s great mysteries in vehicles which can rotate 360°. Trying to reveal the myth of Atlantis, this adventure takes the visitors past extraordinary scenes with amazingly-beautiful coral reefs, sunken ships and groups of colourful fish. Be fascinated by the amazing animation (动画)and computer technology used in this fantastic ride! (Children 8 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult.)Opening Time 15th Mar. to 2nd Nov. Open from 9am to 6pm (with extended(延长的)opening hours during the peak season) 1st Dec. to 6th Jan., closed on 24th and 25th Dec. Open from 9am to 6pm
 56. We know from the passage that Europa Park ______.
     A. is Germany’s most popular theme park

B. arranges trips to different European countries

C. has buildings of many different styles
     D. has only the Atlantis Adventure theme

57. When visitors take the Atlantis Adventure ride, they can _________.

A. go back in time to Atlantis using a special vehicle

B. enjoy wonderful scenery with their family

C. dive into the sea and swim with groups of fish
     D. explore the remains of a sunken ship

58. You can go to Europa Park on ______.
     A. 24th Dec.     B. 7th Mar.    C. 30th Nov.    D. 1st Jan.

59. The purpose of this passage is to ______.
     A. introduce a newly-built theme park to the public

B. inform the public the theme park’s business hours

C. persuade more people to visit the theme park
     D. explain to the public what a theme park is

The Hong Kong government, which holds a majority stake(股份), will continue to push for Disneyland’s improvements, an official said.
     The theme park, which opened on Sept. 12, 2005, did not achieve its expected number of visitors for the second year in a row. Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Frederick Ma told lawmakers, "The first two years of Hong Kong Disneyland’s operation were not satisfactory. The government will continue to urge (力劝) the park management to change business strategies and improve the park’s operational efficiency."
     In its first year, Hong Kong Disneyland fell 400,000 short of its goal of 5.6 million visitors. Park officials have been secretive about second-year numbers, but the local media reports estimated up to 4.8 million visited the park in its second year.
     "Even though we believe we do not have the responsibility to tell you the exact number of visitors, Hong Kong Disneyland has become one of the most visited theme parks in the world and a top attraction in Hong Kong since its opening two years ago," Hong Kong Disneyland spokeswoman Glendy Chu said in an e-mailed response.
     Hong Kong Disneyland, a major representative of Disney entertainment for mainland China, has been criticized for being too small, and lacking the rides of its international sister parks in Tokyo, Paris and the United States. It is also facing increased competition from Ocean Park, a local sea-based adventure park, and reports that Disney is planning to build a theme park in Shanghai could add further pressure to the Hong Kong site.
     The Hong Kong government owns a 57 percent stake in the park and paid for most of the $3.5 billion construction cost, but is reportedly not interested in spending more public money on the park’s expansion.

60. From the passage we know Hong Kong Disneyland ________.

A. was set up by the Hong Kong government

B. reached its planned number of visitors in its first year

C. didn’t achieve its expected goal in the second year again

D. blamed the Hong Kong government for its park strategies

61. We know Glendy Chu _______.
     A. said Hong Kong Disneyland had about 4.8 million visitors in its second year

B. promised Hong Kong Disneyland would improve its operational efficiency

C. thought Hong Kong Disneyland had done a great job since its opening
     D. admitted Hong Kong Disneyland was too small

62. What’s the attitude of the Hong Kong government towards Disneyland’s performance?

A. Unhappy.      B. Unhelpful.      C. Supportive.    D. Concerned.

Criticism never changes a thing. Accept yourself exactly as you are. Everybody changes. When you criticize yourself, your changes are negative. When you approve of yourself, your changes are positive.

Don’t scare yourself
     Stop scaring yourself with your thought that it’s terrible to live this way. Find a mental image that gives you plea-sure, and immediately change your scary thought to a pleasant one. Imagine a positive future ahead of you.

Be gentle, kind and patient
     Be patient with yourself as you learn new ways of thinking. If you make a mistake you will develop self-hatred, but don’t hate yourself for thinking. Gently change your thoughts. Praise and support yourself
     Criticism breaks your spirit, while praise builds it up. Praise yourself as much as you can. Tell yourself how well you are doing with everything. Find ways to support your-self. Reach out to friends and allow them to help you. It is best to ask for help when you need it.

Take care of your body
     Learn about nutrition. What kind of fuel does your body need in order to have enough energy and vitality(活力)? Learn about exercise. What kinds of exercise do you enjoy? Insist on doing exercise every day.

Mirror work
     Look into your eyes in the mirror often and express the growing sense of love you have for yourself. At least once a day you should say to yourself: "I love you." If you have confidence in yourself, you’ll never give in to difficulty.
     Love yourself. Do it now, begin now, and do the best you can.

63. According to the author, you should ________.
    A. praise yourself now and then

B. change yourself

C. criticize someone else
    D. criticize yourself

64. Why does the author tell us to learn about nutrition?
    A. He wants us to be healthier and enjoy our food.

B. Doing so can keep us healthy and make us live long.

C. Doing so will help us stay energetic and active.
     D. Nutrition is very important to everyone.

65. You should face the mirror and say that you love yourself so that you can ______.

A. appreciate your appearance

B. have confidence in yourself

C. find out the expressions on your face

D. learn more about yourself

Last Friday, our teacher gave us a homework: write a                      66. ________

diary about doing some housework. After got home, I began              67. ________

to do some cleaning. To our surprise, hardly had I begun to            68. ________

sweep the floor than my grandma stopped me and said,                     69. ________

"You shouldn’t do that, my dear! It’s very tired. Let me do            70. ________

it instead." When I started cleaning the windows, my grandpa stopped me again and told me, "Don’t do that,                                                   71. ________

or you will get tired. You should do your lessons instead. "On the evening, I sat at the table thinking about my                                            72. ________

homework, and I had nothing to write about. In the end                 73. ________

I wrote the following: My grandparents were afraid of tiring me and didn’t let me do nothing. Upon                                                           74. ________

seeing my diary, my teacher was very surprising.                       75. ________
    注意:1. 介绍要给出图示中的全部内容;2. 可适当发挥,以使行
    Have you ever sat on a camel? Well, if you have, then you know how scary it is when the camel rises on its long wobbly(摆动的) legs. The rocking motion of a camel is a bit like a ship being tossed around in seas. It is no wonder that the camel is often called the ship of the desert. Actually, the name owes its origins to the fact that camels were brought from the desert, to serve as beasts of burden(役畜) in other countries.
     We in India are only familiar with one species of camel, known as the Dromedary camel. This animal is single-humped(单驼峰), has long legs and is found in the deserts of Asia and Africa. Another species (the two-humped shorter-legged Bactrian camel) is found in parts of China and Central Asia.
     Recently, scientists discovered what they think is a new species of wild camel that lives in a remote part of China. These mammals look very similar to the Bactrian camel but they have a unique feature —they survive by drinking salty water.
     Strangely enough, scientists knew about the existence of the animal, but had no idea about their unique ability. As a result, researchers now admit that these animals are not Bactrian camels as they thought at first, but a new species. The only obvious physical difference is that the saltwater- drinking species has its humps further apart than the Bactrian camel.
     Camels are most common in the African and Asian deserts, but fossil (化石) evidence shows that camels originated in North America about 45 million years ago. So how did they manage to come into Africa? Well, millions of years ago, North America and Asia were connected by a land mass —the present-day Bering Strait.
     Scientists think that the camels migrated(迁徙) into South America and came to Asia, disappearing almost entirely from the land of its origin. However, many researchers say that the South American llama(无峰驼) is a direct descendant(后代) of the camels.

1. The camel is called "the ship of the desert" because _____.

A. when you are on a camel, you feel like you are on a ship at sea

B. its long legs swing back and forth when it is moving

C. camels from the desert are used to carry things from country to country

D. camels can travel in the desert for many days without eating

2. What’s the difference between the Dromedary camel and the Bactrian camel?

A. The Dromedary camel has two humps.

B. The Bactrian camel has longer legs.

C. The Dromedary camel is only found in Asia.
  D. The Dromedary camel has only one hump.

3. What scientists don’t know about the new species is ______.

A. which part of China they come from

B. about their ability to survive on salty water

C. about their similarity to the Bactrian camel
   D. how they survive in China

4. How can people tell the new species from the Bactrian camel?

A. By looking at the length of their legs.

B. By counting the number of humps.

C. By looking at the distance of the two humps.
   D. By examining the kind of food they eat.

5. From the passage we can infer that ____.
   A. few camels exist in North America at present

B. camels swam across the Bering Strait to Asia

C. camels first originated in the African deserts

D. the Bactrian camel is stronger than the Dromedary camel



 1-5 CAABA 6-10 ABACB11-15 ABBCC16-20 CBCAB

21-25 ABCAB 26-30 BACAB 31-35 ABAAA

36-40 ADBCD 41-45 CBABC 46-50 ADBDD

51-55 BDCAC 56-60 CBDCC 61-65 CAACB


66. 去掉第一个a67. got →getting got前加I 68. our →my 69. than →when 70. tired →tiring 71. √72. On →In73. and →but74. nothing →anything 75. surprising →surprised书面表达(One possible version)
     My school is quite a big one. When we go through the school gate, we will find a large building in front of us, and it is the Art Building. Behind it lies the Central Square, where there are many trees and a fountain. To the west of the square are two teaching buildings and the two similar buildings to the east include a teaching building and a lab building. There is a playground respectively on the east and west. We often have sporting events on them. After we go through the Central Square, we will see the tallest building, it is the library. North of the library stands the Dining Hall and we eat there on weekdays.




W: Happy birthday to you, Tom. Here’s a bike for you.

M: Thank you, Mom. Father said he would give me an MP3 player or a basketball.



M: Jane, you are late for work.

W: I got up late, only to find there was no bus. So I had to come on foot.



M: Kate, I’m letting you go.

W: Oh, no. We are good friends.

M: Friend is friend. Business is business.



M: Is there a room available tonight?

W: No, all the rooms are booked. A meeting will be held in the lecture hall opposite tomorrow.



W: What are you going to do during your year abroad, Tim?

M: I have no time to make friends! I want to learn a lot. I’m going to take some university courses there.



W: Hello, Mr. Li, I haven’t seen you for 10 years. What are you doing now?

M: Preparing food for a toy factory.

W: That’s a good job. When did you begin work there?

M: 2 years ago, in 2005.W: You take care.

M: Many thanks.



W: Can you repair radios?

M: Yes. I’m an expert. What’s wrong with your radio?

W: Well, in a way I am satisfied with my radio. The sound is clear and it receives a lot of programs. However, it uses too much power.

M: When did you buy it?

W: Three years ago. In July 1998.

M: Oh, that’s a long time ago. Even if I repair it, it’ll soon be the same again.

W: What should I do?

M: Throw it away and buy a new one.

W: I never thought of that.



W: Dad, can I go to the movies with Cathy?

M: Sure ... But wait! Aren’t you supposed to get your report card today?

W: Dad, you know I love you, and you are the best ...

M: Don’t try to flatter me. Tell me the truth.

W: Well, my math teacher is so boring. Actually I never understand her.

M: Well, how are you doing in your Spanish class? You said you like that one.

W: I do, but I forgot to hand in a couple of assignments. So ... It’s not that

M: What about chemistry?

W: Dad, can I go now? Please ...

M: OK, but you must come straight home from the movie. You need to practice your instrument more than ever.



M: Are you satisfied with the apartment?

W: It seems a little small to us. It has three rooms and a bath and only a small kitchen.

M: It’s not really too small for one person, and it has a nice gas oven and a good refrigerator. There are lots of shelves and cupboards, too.

W: And what about the closets?

M: Two large ones in the bedroom. One has shelves and a built-in shoe rack. Then there’s a large storage closet in the living room and a small closet in the bathroom.

W: The living room is sort of dark.

M: They’re painting it a lighter color, and it gets the afternoon sun.

W: Well, I’ll let you know tonight if I decide to take it. I want to think it over before I make up my mind.


     It was June 15, and in two days I would be turning thirty. I was afraid that my best years were behind me.
     Every day I would go to the park to read books before going to work. I would see my friend Jim doing morning exercises there. He was 79 years old, and ugly. As I greeted him this particular day, he noticed I looked a little worried, and asked if there was anything wrong. I told him I was feeling worried about turning thirty. So I asked him what the best time of his life was.
     Without thinking, Jim replied that when he was a child, he was taken good care of. It was the best time of his life.
     He also said when he was going to school, and then got his first job and met his wife, was the best time of his life.
     At last he pointed at himself and told me he was 79 years old and still in good health. I knew that this was still the best time of his life.


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