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2012年外研版高中英语必修一学案 Module 3
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辽宁省大连市第24中学高一同步学案   必修1   Module3 

话题 1. Describe your first ride on a train (描述你第一次乘火车旅游)

     2. Talking about a trip you made to a tourist spot (谈论你到一个旅游景点的观光旅行)

     3. Writing about one’s experie nce (写一篇自己的经历)

功能  Being polite (讲礼貌)


1.       The –ed form as the attributive (过去分词作定语)

2  Past tense time expressions (一般过去时)


1. Would you mind doing…?   

2.       The fact is that ….

3.       What do you think of …?    

4.       Is that right? 

书面表达实践:Write a diary about a visit to a place of interest (写一篇关于游览参观的日记)





1.       距离 n. ____________  

2.       被遗弃的 adj. _____________ 

3. 专家 n. ____________

4. 产品 n. ____________  

5.       风景,景色 n. _____________ 

6. 土壤 n. ____________

7. 旅程 n. ____________  

8. 训练  vt. _______________ 

9. 使吃惊 vt. ____________

10. 面试,面谈 n. ______________

11. 大事件;比赛项目 n. ____________________

12. 疲惫不堪的 adj. _____________

13. 仪式 n. ____________ 

14. 半夜 n. __________

15. 海滨 n. _________________





1. At Mary’s wedding c______ held the other day, I met a friend of mine.[

2. They have been married for 60 years. We are going to hold a party to celebrate their d______ wedding.

3. He aimed at the wolf and s______ it.

4. It is said that there is a football match between China and Japan in the s______.

5. The children are taken good care of in the k________.

6. Camels are much better than horses for traveling in the ______(沙漠) areas.

7. From here to the station, it is a long ______ (距离)for the woman with a child in her arms.

8. Alice Thompson comes from Sydney, which is an _______(澳大利亚) city.

9. The students who take part in the activities can get  _______(纪念品)

10. He has _______(面谈) a lot of people for the job.



1.       distance___________(adj.)     2. abandoned ___________(vt.)

3.expert_______(adj.) __________ (同义词) 

4.frighten ________ (adj.) ___________ (adj.) 

5. product _____________ (n.)

6. interview _________ (vt.)____________会见者______________被接见者 

7. exhausted __________(vt.)8. downtown _____(adj.) 城镇住宅区的 

9. journey _____________ (vt.) 10. train ____________ (n.)



1. know ________ 知道,了解   2. get _________ 下车  

3. get ________ 上车           4. get _________ 进入  

5. get ________ 避免;摆脱     6. come _________ 来自;出生于 

7. in the __________ of 在……的中间  8. be __________ for 是…的缩写/简称

9. a long ____________ ago 很久以前   10. not ___________ 不再 

11. out of ________ 过时  12. for _______________ time 第一次  

13. take _____________ (飞机)起飞 14. refer _________ 查阅,提到,谈到 

15. on ____________ 在途中,接近


独立完成的作业: p80-p81 exercises 4-----6 (vocabulary)










1. Where does the writer come from?

   A. China.      B. America.       C. Sydney.       D. Austria.

2. How was the scenery for the writer’s journey?

   A. Dull scenery.              B. Different from area to area.

   C. The same as in Sydney.      D. Very colourful. 

3. Which of the following is TRUE?

   A. Horses were much better than camels for traveling a long distance.

   B. The government passed a law to protect the camels.

   C. The author read books and listened to English cassettes during the journey.

   D. They got on in Sydney and got off in Alice Springs.

4. Why is the train ca lled the Ghan?

   A. For many years, Australians used trained camels which were bought from Afghanistan as their main transportation.

   B. Ghan is short for Afghan istan.

   C. Camels were much better than horses for traveling in desert.

   D. In honor of the camels.















7Ghan 是阿富汗的缩写。




9.世界上最快的超速磁 悬浮列车奔驰在上海浦东机场与上海市中心商业区的龙阳车站之间。



10.火车以每小时40 0千米的速度运行,在8分钟之内可以完成30千米的行程。





1. (1)The waterfall may be heard ____________________ (两英里外).

(2)Because he called me ______________________ (在很远处), I didn’t hear him clearly.

2. You can see a church _________. 

A. for the distance    B. in the distance    C. from the distance   D. for a distance

3. 翻译句子:

  (1) I could make out three figures moving in the distance.

  (2) We saw light in the distance.

  (3) 保持适当车距!

4. (1)翻译句子:尽管有雾,飞机照常起飞。

(2)The new dictionary __________________________ ( 已深受欢迎).

(3) If good care is _________ him, he will recover from the illness soon.

   A. spent     B. taken of    C. made    D. used for

5. 翻译句子:

(1) 每天早晨他六点起床。

(2) 昨天他下了公共汽车进了一辆小汽车。

(3)After a long time of hard work, he _____________________________(终于改掉了吸烟的坏习惯).

6. match, suit, fit 填空

  (1) No one can _________ her in tennis.

(2) Does the time __________ you?

(3) The new coat _________ her well. It is neither too big nor too small.

(4) Which day ___________ you, Saturday or Sunday?

(5) This pair of shoes ______________________ well. (我穿不合适)

(6) Have you got any material to _______________(配这件衣服)?


7. No matter how much money you have, it can not _________ a healthy body.

A. match     B. fit     C. defect      D. compare

8. 翻译句子:(1) 在他很小的时候,他父母就遗弃了他。

(2) 鲁迅先生早年弃医学文。


9. 翻译句子:(1) 他是开车方面的专家。

(2) 专家们下午要来我们学校参观。

10. It is known to us that it takes years of ___________ practice to gain ___________ skills of _________ expert. 

   A. /; the; an       B. /; the; the    C. the; the; an    D. a; /; the 




Be Thoughtful

Being thoughtful simply means thinking of others before yourself. What you say or do will have an effect on others. So it is important that you think before you say or do anything. In this way, you can avoid hurting others’ feelings. Moreover, a thoughtless act or remark can spoil a perfect relationship.

Remember these rules, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Likewise if you think what you do will hurt others, don’t do it. After all, what g oes around comes around.

feeling 感觉   feelings 感情

☆☆likew ise 同样地 =by the same token

What goes around comes around. 种什么因,得什么果。

 What是复合代词=the things which 东西

 EgWhat you ordered is not available. 你所点的东西卖完了。

What the child needs is love. 孩子所需要的是爱

























  1. C     2. D      3. D      4. A


  1. Recently I had my first ride on a long-distance train.

 2.  We ate great meals cooked by experts!

  3. For the first few hundred kilometers of the journey, the scenery was very colourful.

  4. It looked like a place from another time.

  5. We saw abandoned farms which were built more than a hundred years ago.[

  6. The stars shone like diamonds.

  7. Ghan is short for Afghanistan.

  8. Camels were much better than horses for travelling a long distance.

9. The fastest train in the world, the Transrapid Maglev, runs between Shanghai’s Pudong Airport and Longyang Station in downtown Shanghai.

10. Travelling at a speed of over 400 kilometres pre hour, the train can complete the 30-kilometre journey in eight minutes.


1Answers: (1) at a distance of two miles    (2) in the distance

2Answer: B

3Answers: (1) 我能看见远处有三个人影在走动。(2) 我们看到远处有灯光。

(3) Keep a safe distance between cars!

4Answers: (1) The plane took off as usual despite the fog.  (2) has really taken off

        (3) B

5Answers: (1) He gets up at six o’clock every morning.

        (2) He got off a bus and got into a car yesterday.

        (3) got out of the bad habit of smoking at last

6Answers: (1) match  (2) suit  (3) fits  (4) suits  (5) doesn’t fit me 

(6) match this dress

  7Answer: Axkb1.com

  8Answers: (1) When he was young, his parents abandoned him.

          (2) Lu Xun abandoned medicine for literature in his early days.

9Answers: (1) He is an expert at driving.

           (2) The experts will visit our school this afternoon.

  10Answer: A 

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